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Yale Mountaineering Club

Yale Mountaineering Club. In 1950 the Club continued its program of training in rock- and ice-climbing techniques, with emphasis on the fundamentals of safe climbing. Members made numerous trips to the Shawangunks and New England cliffs, and climbed weekly on Mt. Carmel. Winter activities included lectures, movies and ski climbs in the Adirondacks. During the spring vacation, the annual trip to Mt. Washington for ice-climbing was held. With the coming of summer, Yale climbers headed for distant parts. One group of three travelled south to Popocatepetl and the Sierra Madre Occidentales. Two members returned to Alaska, for work with the Juneau Ice Field Research Project. Others climbed in the Rockies and Cascades, and still others were as far afield as Switzerland and Sumatra.

Earl R. Mosburg