Rock for Climbing

Publication Year: 1951.

Rock for Climbing, by C. Douglas Milner, viii+128 pages, with 97 photographs by the author. London: Chapman and Hall, 1950. Price, 25/-.

In Rock for Climbing C. Douglas Milner presents an excellent picture book of climbs in the English Lake District, Wales, Skye, the Pennine Alps, Chamonix and the Dolomites. The photography is generally good, and the human interest in the illustrations is first rate, especially in the English and Welsh material, which this reader found the most interesting part of the book. Unfortunately, some bad belaying is shown in these photographs, and it is to be hoped that some of the rope-handling will not be copied by the book’s readers.

The introductory pages, on the other hand, give an excellent discussion of rock ascents and the British view on the use of artificial aids. Interspersed comments throughout the book are good; the approach to the subject is sound; and a fine feeling for the pleasures and excitement of rock climbing pervades the whole.