Fabulous Destinations

Publication Year: 1951.

Fabulous Destinations, by John Nicholls Booth, xii+239 pages.

New York: Macmillan, 1950. Price, $3.50.

Fabulous Destinations describes the post-war wanderings of an amazing man: John Nicholls Booth is a skilled journalist, a nationally known magician, and a well-known Unitarian minister. His book is of only passing interest to the serious mountaineer, though it describes a visit to Phari Dzong in Tibet and some fine views of Chomolhari. As a journalistic account of recent travels throughout Asia, however, it is well worth reading. In it Mr. Booth shows exceptional ingenuity, imagination and the ability to improvise. His visits to normally forbidden areas, and his interviews with many of the world’s great men, show that exciting travels are still within the grasp of the adventurous man who has courage and initiative.