Die Schweiz zur Rentierzeit

Publication Year: 1950.

Die Schweiz zur Rentierzeit, by Hans-Georg Bandi. 219 pages, with many illustrations and maps. Frauenfeld: Verlag Huber, 1947. Price, $3.00.

If one draws a line through the western tips of the Lakes of Geneva and Constance, it will roughly indicate the prehistoric extent of the Swiss glaciers as they flowed northward into the Rhine drainage. It is along this line that the principal relics of prehistoric man have been found. This book presents an excellent outline of the findings and what may be deduced therefrom. We have here the story of what lived and grew in Switzerland of bygone times, and of how man existed. The engraving of the grazing reindeer from the Kess- lerloch shows beyond doubt that the artistic ability of the Magdalen- ian Swiss was quite equal to that of his distant cousins in the caves of France and Spain.