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Yale. The second year of the Yale Mountaineering Club brought a considerable increase in interest and activity. Members regularly practised rock climbing on Mt. Carmel, ten miles from the university; and a group of ten, in the spring of 1948, visited Mt. Washington. Despite bad weather, this party climbed six steep, ice-choked gullies of Huntington Ravine, including the very difficult Pinnacle Gully (sixth ascent).

During the summer four members climbed Rainier and another peak in the Cascades, and individuals joined parties both in Washington and in Colorado. Two members were so fortunate as to participate in summer expeditions. William Fix, president for 1947- 48, accompanied the H.M.C. party to the Coast Range of British Columbia. Melvin Marcus went with Maynard Miller to do research on the Juneau Ice Field.

The ensuing winter saw a considerable development of interest in winter ski mountaineering. Four trips were made to the Adirondacks, and seven peaks were ascended, one of them for the first time in winter. During the winter the club also acquired a club room and the loan of a mountaineering library. It has now undertaken to revise its constitution, in the hope of achieving a closer knit, more active and more responsible undergraduate membership, and of stimulating active alumni support. Another intention is to increase the emphasis on safety.

R. G. Merritt