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Harvard. If one is to judge by performance, past, present and (probable) future, the Harvard Mountaineering Club still occupies a stellar position in the collegiate mountaineering scene. The club has successfully adjusted itself to post-war conditions; and it is currently engaged in training young non-veteran members and trying to work them into the group of more experienced mountaineers who were trained during and immediately after the war. Particular emphasis has been laid on safety.

The H.M.C. has run or participated in four major expeditions on the North American continent, and any number of members climbed actively in the better known districts. To the writer’s knowledge, in the past two years, the H.M.C. has made 36 first ascents, largely in the Coast Range of British Columbia; a reconnaissance under arduous conditions of Mt. Vancouver, highest unclimbed peak on the continent; and a number of new routes. Much of this has been done only with the cooperation of other groups, particularly the Arctic Institute of North America and the Seattle Mountaineers.

This year the H.M.C. celebrates its silver anniversary. With begoggled eyes it views the next 25 years in the same spirit that has brought it where it is today.

F. P. Magoun, III