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Mazamas. The Mazamas, of Portland, Ore., held their 55th Annual Outing in 1948, from July 25th to August 8th, at Park Creek Pass in the Chelan Mountains of Washington. Inclement weather hampered the mountaineering program somewhat, but the following peaks were successfully climbed: Booker (thrice), Logan (twice), Boston, Sahale and Buckner. Eleven peaks of the Northwest were ascended, some of them more than once, in the course of official club excursions during the summer. In addition, there was the usual schedule of practice climbs.

The Mazamas, in common with other similar organizations, are interested in research and conservation as well as in mountaineering. For the past three years, the principal research project has been the accumulation of data on the age of trees growing on the modern moraines of Mt. Hood, particularly those of Eliot Glacier. The purpose is to establish the dates of the most recent advances of the ice. This study was stimulated by the late Dr. François Matthes and has been carried on largely by Mr. Kenneth N. Phillips, of Portland, and Dr. Donald B. Lawrence, now of the Department of Botany, University of Minnesota.

For some years the club has been cooperating actively with other local groups in the establishment of a 5500-acre Municipal Forest Park in the hills adjoining Portland on the N.W. Since September 1944 “local walks” expeditions of the Mazamas have planted some 10,000 baby trees and opened six miles of hiking trails.

F. D. Ayres