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Europe, Alpine Museum and Library at Munich

Alpine Museum and Library at Munich. We have received from Dr. J. Monroe Thorington a letter addressed to him by Dr. H. Bühler, librarian of the Alpenverein. Excerpts are published herewith :

“The Alpenvereinsbücherei was destroyed by bombs and only a little part of the 60,000 volumes of it has been saved.

“Also the building of our Alpine Museum at Munich has been burned down, but 75% of its objects could be saved.

“The Alpenverein itself since 1945 is divided in an Austrian and and in a German one. In Germany only the former sections of the Alpenverein are existing as simple selfstanding clubs without a head. But we hope to have soon one again by the future reunion of the three western zones.

“In Munich we meanwhile try to rebuild the Alpenvereinsbücherei and the Alpine Museum and therefore we intend to install again our exchange of publications as before the war. From 1942- 1948 we had no more publications of the Alpenverein. Since April 1948 we have again our ‘Mitteilungen.’ In 1949 the revival of our ‘Zeitschrift’ is planned …”