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Canada, Canadian Rockies: Mt. Baker and Mt. Thompson

Canadian Rockies: Mt. Baker and Mt. Thompson. Mt. Baker, new route by N. ridge, 1948: D. Bidwell, R. Clapp, L. M. Erskine, Jr., A. Griscom, P. Jackson. From A.C.C. camp at Peyto Lake across col between Mt. Baker and Trapper Peak to N. ridge of Mt. Baker; from col to summit (3.5 hrs.) by N. ridge (moderately difficult rock, requiring rope). Descent by N.E. ridge and scree to col. There were no records of ascents between 1933 and 1948.

Mt. Thompson, new route from Peyto Lake, 1948: L. M. Erskine, Jr., and party from A.C.C. camp led by W. A. D. Munday. Ascent by steep glacier (not on map) lying E. of N. ridge of Mt. Thompson. The glacier meets the ridge about halfway to the summit. The ridge is followed thereafter.

J. M. T.