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United States, Alaska, Mt. McKinley

Mt. McKinley. A July report from Alaska tells of an apparently unsuccessful 1948 attempt to climb Mt. McKinley, and further attention to this mountain is shown in letters from the leader of a projected French expedition.

In addition, Bradford Washburn supplies an interesting table showing the length of time certain individuals or parties have spent on Mt. McKinley. Elapsed round-trip times from McGonagall Pass for successful or nearly successful parties follows:

1. Terris Moore (Army, 1942)

6 days, 8 hrs.

2. Herreid-Mills-Daub (1947)

14 days, 4 hrs.

3. Browne (1912)

29 days

4. Lindley (1932)

29 days

5. Stuck (1913)


35 days

Main Party

59 days

6. Operation White Tower (1947)

Survey Group

64 days

Cosmic Ray Group

75 days