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The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn, by Guido Rey, translated by J. E. C. Eaton. A new edition, revised and with additional chapters by R. L. G. Irving. Square 8vo., x, 278 pp., photographic illustrations, maps and diagrams. Oxford, 1946: Basil Blackwell. Price, 15/—.

Rey’s classic monograph, long out-of-print, is again available. The new edition reprints the Eaton translation, with additional material by R. L. G. Irving; the illustrations are new, numerous and admirably chosen. Whymper’s Scrambles has its unique interest as the personal narrative of the man who first climbed this most celebrated of Alpine peaks, but Rey’s more comprehensive and impersonal history has it bettered on many counts. To the Rey text, Mr. Irving has added two chapters which bring the history of the mountain up-to-date, describing latter-day successful ascents of the Furggen ridge and the north face; he has also expanded and made additions of his own to the author’s notes.