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Henry Sherman Adams, 1864-1948


Henry S. Adams, one of the very early members of the American Alpine Club (elected in 1909), died last summer at the age of 84, at Hammonasset, Conn., of a heart attack suffered while he was in swimming.

Born in Wethersfield, Conn., on 1 August 1864, the son of Thomas Griswold Adams and Lucy Stillman Dickinson Adams— both of old New England stock—Mr. Adams was nationally known as editor of The Spur, a magazine devoted to riding and driving. The circulation of The Spur in those days was outstanding. Mr. Adams never missed an opportunity to bring into its columns one article after another related to the mountains or to climbing, and was thus indirectly responsible, without doubt, for arousing interest in many who today are climbing.

His climbing record was not great—Chamonix 60 years ago, Mounts Stephen and Lefroy in 1903—but his interest in the development of climbing never flagged. By his death the Club loses one more of the pioneers to whom today’s wide interest in climbing in America is due.

J. E. F.