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Canada, Glacier Camp of the A.A.C

Glacier Camp of the A.A.C. The 1947 camp of the Alpine Club of Canada was held at Glacier from July 13th to July 26th. It was located on the old Canadian Pacific Railway Glacier House site, as were the Sir Donald Camp of 1932 and the Arthur O. Wheeler Camp of 1941. A fly camp was established at the new Hermit Hut, for climbs of Tupper, Rogers and the Swiss Peaks, and bivouac camps on the Sir Donald trail and at Sapphire Col. Good weather prevailed. Ascents were made of the following peaks: Abbott by 216 persons in 12 parties; Afton by 26 persons in two parties; Avalanche by 45 persons in six parties; Bonney by eight persons in three parties; Castor and Pollux by 64 persons in five parties; Cheops by 18 persons in four parties; Cyprian (second ascent) by three persons in one party; Eagle by 48 persons in five parties; Greens Peak by five persons in one party; Macdonald by three persons in one party; Rogers by five persons in one party; Sir Donald by 34 persons in eight parties; Swanzy by eight persons in three parties; Swiss Peaks by ten persons in one party; Terminal Peak by four persons in one party; Tupper by 95 persons in 13 parties; and Uto by 16 persons in three parties. The total attendance at the camp was 179. As usual, the A.A.C. was well represented. Our members were fortunate in the hospitality of their Canadian hosts and in the opportunity to become acquainted with the Selkirks.

On July 20th the Arthur O. Wheeler Hut was opened, as the November Gazette of the A.C.C. says, “under the most auspicious circumstances.” Another happy occasion was when Honorary Life Memberships were conferred on the three Swiss guides, Rudolph Aemmer, Edward Feuz and Ernest Feuz.