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United States, Sawtooth Outing of the Iowa Mountaineers

Sawtooth Outing of the Iowa Mountaineers. The Iowa Mountaineers of the State University of Iowa spent three weeks of August 1947 in the Sawtooth Range of Idaho. Sixty-four members participated. Base camp was on Little Redfish Lake, and high camps at the foot of Mt. Heyburn and in the cirque at the foot of Mt. Thompson.

Ten peaks rising from the horseshoe ridge around the Thompson high camp were ascended and named. Eight of the climbs were first ascents. Two climbing parties travelled from the Thompson camp by different routes through the back-regions to the Heyburn camp. On the way they climbed three of the highest peaks on the ridges they passed and also Mt. Warbonnet. Three of these climbs were first ascents. Mt. Heyburn was climbed by two parties of five members each almost simultaneously, via the S. ridge and N. face. The S. ridge climbers reached the summit first, completing what was apparently the third ascent of the peak. Both parties descended via the N. face and then ascended the highest point on the ridge.

The next day eleven members again ascended Heyburn via the N. face.

Quite a few mountaintop and aerial photographs were taken. It is hoped that they will make possible the drawing of a sketch map rather more accurate and usable than the existing ones of the Sawtooth region.

S. J. Ebert