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United States, The Mountaineers, 1947

The Mountaineers, 1947. The Mountaineers Inc. consists of a main club in Seattle and branches in Tacoma and Everett. The mountain climbing activities of the Seattle club are divided among four groups: Climbers Group, Campcrafters, Summer Outing Group, Ski Mountaineering Group. The Tacoma and Everett branches conduct climbs in their respective areas.

The Climbers started their season of 1947 with the regular climbing course—14 class room lectures and demonstrations, supplemented by eight field practice trips. One hundred and fifty registered for the courses. Eighty were graduated from the elementary and 40 from the intermediate course. The latter requires two years’ participation. The course was followed by a series of climbs, including E. Twin Peak, Chair Peak, Mt. Hood, Big Four, Vesper, Mt. Olympus, Mt. Rainier (46 made the ascent), Cathedral Spire, Monte Cristo and Cadet. Mt. Olympus requires 18 miles of backpacking. Two trips were made, and 50 completed the ascent. The Climbers divide their large instruction and climbing parties into small groups of three, with an experienced leader or instructor assigned to each unit. This group also conducted a one-week backpacking trip into Cascade Pass, to climb the peaks in that area.

The Campcrafters cover the field of overnight week-end camping and climbing. Their principal week-end climbs were Tomyhoi, Mt. Stuart, Cathedral and a group of eight peaks around Mowich Lake on Labor Day week end. In July a two-week gypsy tour was conducted into Oregon, with about 30 participating. The peaks climbed were Mt. Washington, N. and S. Sisters, Mt. Theilsen, Scott and Bailey.

The 1947 Summer Outing was at Grand Teton National Park. There were 176 participants — the largest number ever handled. The following mountains were climbed: Grand Teton, Middle Teton, St. John, Moran, Nez Perce, Owen, Symmetry Spire, Teewinot, Rock of Ages, Rockchuck and Woodring.

The Ski Mountaineers had four practice trips in ski touring, starting in March. Between May and July 5th they climbed White Horse, St. Helens, Mt. Baker and Mt. Adams on skis. The largest party was 26, on St. Helens.

Tacoma climbing activity was centered on the “Irish Cabin Peaks,” a group on the N.W. side of Mt. Rainier. Everett climbs were in the Monte Cristo, Darrington and Index areas. Both branches scheduled climbing courses of their own, with a little help from Seattle.

The Mountaineers sent out rescue squads in connection with two fatal accidents, both on private climbs. One was for Jim Wells, killed by a fall on Wilmon Spire; the other, for two boys lost in a storm on Mt. Index. There were no fatalities on scheduled climbs of the Mountaineers under supervised leadership.

The new Mountaineer Development Group was formed in the latter part of the year. It is taking over the functions of the Climbing Committee and comprises six major committees: Climbing Courses, Leadership Training, Area Development, Safety, Advanced Climbing and Public Enlightenment.

Lloyd Anderson