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Kingdom of Adventure: Everest

Kingdom of Adventure: Everest, by James Ramsey Ullman. 402 pages, with illustrations and maps. New York: William Sloane Associates, 1947. $4.75.

This is a uniquely arranged collection of extracts from the standard accounts of the several British expeditions to Everest; it gives the lay reader a bird’s-eye view of the entire history of the attempts on this peak. The unique arrangement consists in running extracts of a page or so at a time, from the standard published accounts, each introduced by the name of the author—Mallory, Odell, Somervell, Smythe, et al., all well-known veterans of Everest expeditions— and weaving the whole into a chronological story. To assist the reader, the arranger regularly interposes, after two or three such excerpts, his own comments.

J. E. Fisher