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Mountain Photography

Mountain Photography, by C. Douglas Milner. 237 pages, 135 photographs and many diagrams and graphs. London and New York: The Focal Press, 1945. 19/6.

The work of one who is evidently not only an experienced photographer but a competent and enthusiastic mountaineer, the scope of this exceptionally worthwhile book is well expressed in the opening sentence of the Introduction: “This book tries to bring within one compass something of the varied applications of photography to the world of mountains.”

Illustrated by superb reproductions of prints by many noted mountain photographers, and a large number of graphs and diagrams, and with a well written and discriminating text, based on the wide experience of the author, the attempt has been crowned with complete success. A particularly worthwhile book has resulted.

It is difficult to think of any aspect or problem of mountain photography which has not been clearly and helpfully treated. The approach is scientific throughout but never too much so, and the author does not waste space with ordinary matters of photographic dark room or printing technique. The book is notable for the helpful character of its many diagrams and graphs and for the aptness to the text of the many splendid photographs. It ends with an up-to-date bibliography and an adequate index.

F. N. W.