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Army Service Forces, Office of the Quartermaster General

Army Service Forces

Office of the Quartermaster General

Washington 25, D. C.


Case, John C.

19 December 1945

Mr. John C. Case President, American Alpine Club 140 East 46th Street New York, New York

Dear Mr. Case:

This office wishes to express its appreciation and commendation to you and the personnel of the American Alpine Club for their loyalty, unceasing effort, and many contributions afforded the Quartermaster Corps during the past few years.

Your excellent work and technical assistance in connection with the development of mountain equipment for the soldier are fully recognized and greatly appreciated by the entire Quartermaster Corps. No one realizes more than this office the importance of the time, effort, and skill which have been so fully devoted by your membership in helping this office to improve the mountain equipment for use by troops in the field.

I personally want you to know that the contributions of the American Alpine Club will long be remembered and recognized by the Quartermaster Corps as playing a vital part in the total effort to help bring victory to our country. It is hoped that your organization will continue to be interested in our post-war program of improving existing Quartermaster items and in the development of new ones.

Very truly yours,

Georges F. Doriot,

Brigadier General, QMC

Director, Military Planning Div.