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American Alpine Journal

With the completion of the 1946 issue, the editorship passes into the competent hands of Robert H. Bates and David Allan Robertson. The growth of the Club and its many activities makes the editorial work a two-man job, and the new regime will secure its future. During a period of thirteen years the retiring editor has had pleasant contacts with many members of the Club, and enjoyed the thrill of reading in manuscript the first news of great expeditions. It is also a matter of pride to have carried on the work during a period of war, when material was difficult to secure and all one could do was to try and keep the Journal interesting. Many have assisted in this, and thanks are due them. The new editors are teachers of English, have a wide expeditionary experience and will ably interpret the efforts of a new generation of climbers in a period which one hopes will be undisturbed by undue displays of atomic energy.

J. Monroe Thorington