Victorious Mountaineer

Publication Year: 1945.

Victorious Mountaineer. A memoir of Harry Peirce Nichols, 1850-1940, by W. Bertrand Stevens. 8vo., 78 pages with 7 wood cuts. Louisville: The Cloister Press, 1943. Price $1.00.

This attractive brochure, written by Bishop W. B. Stevens, gives a succinct and satisfactory account of the life and ministry of Harry P. Nichols, late president of the American Alpine Club, in the Episcopal Church. His dynamic personality is admirably portrayed, often by lively anecdotes, which bring out his warm kindliness, his vast circle of friends, and his unceasing devotion to the cause of religion.

“Friendship with young men became the dominant joy and interest of his life” and from this stemmed the very considerable influence which he exerted during two generations, not only upon his own church but upon Christianity as a whole. He served parishes in Brunswick, Me., New Haven, Conn., where the Rector always preached in kid gloves, in Minneapolis, Minn., and in New York City.

The book is fresh and readable, with neat illustrations, but it would seem that a happier title could have been found.