Publication Year: 1943.

Mountains, by Carroll Lane, and Mildred Adams, Fenton. 8 vo., 160 pages including 34 devoted to photographs (2 in color) and 29 to drawings. New York: Doubleday Doran and Co., Inc., 1942.

The text of this book is obviously addressed to quite youthful readers and aims to interest them in the formation, structure and fauna of mountains. Some of the subject matter however should appeal to adult readers, particularly in view of the well chosen illustrations.

Chapters II to VIII, inclusive, deal with mountains of various types, the varieties of rock of which they consist and the processes by which they were formed and will ultimately be destroyed. The excellence of the illustrations should make these of interest to mountaineers who have not previously studied such subjects. Chapters IX and X, devoted to glaciers and the existing evidences of their action in the past, will hardly satisfy adult readers, although the drawings on p. 97, showing the development of a typical glacial valley should be of interest.

Chapters XI to XIV are devoted to mountain trees, vegetation and fauna and their distribution in the life zones. Chapter XV briefly refers to various localities, chiefly park areas, in the United States and Canada where mountains illustrating the various features referred to in the text may be found.

The ample index also indicates the pronunciation of unusual terms.