North America, Canada, Rocky Mountains of Canada, Forbes-Lyell Group

Publication Year: 1941.

Forbes-Lyell Group. In July, 1940, a forest fire unfortunately destroyed the bridge across the N. fork of the Saskatchewan and much of the trail leading from mile 53 on the motor road to Glacier Lake. The best route now is still the old one, following the trail on the E. side of Howse River and fording the latter at a point almost opposite the mouth of Glacier River to the trail on its N. bank.

Owing to the retreat of the Lyell and Mons Glaciers, the best approach to the group is along the N. side of Glacier River, from which the S.E. Lyell Glacier is attained. Mt. Forbes and Mons Peak may each be ascended without bivouac but require long days. After crossing the S.E. Lyell tongue one should keep W. of Mons Glacier, climbing up a stream bed and ravine, through timber to the bivouac point mentioned in Route 3 for Mt. Forbes. This brings one above the lower icefall the same route being continued past the upper icefall by ascending bush and scree slightly W. of the glacier.