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North America, Canada, Rocky Mountains of Canada, North Cathedral Crag

North Cathedral Crag. 1940 first ascent by Miss J. Atkin, D. R. Crosby. From Monarch mine at spiral tunnels up brook W. of Cathedral Crags, ascending by way of the W. couloir. A fair trail leads up the brook for 3 miles, after which there is a mile of broken rock and moraine to cross. The abutments forming the base of the Cathedral massif were ascended at a point almost straight W. of the N. Crag. Following the main water course up this shelf one is led to the bottom of a conspicuous snow couloir between points below the two most northerly crags, here designated N1 and N2, the first of these being the northern. After reaching the top of this couloir, which ends in forbidding cliffs, an easy traverse of 150 yards to S. was made where another couloir was followed to the col between N1 and N2. Steps were kicked in soft snow most of the way, but ice made an axe desirable in several places. N2 had a cairn and is slightly higher than N1, the latter being ascended without difficulty from the intervening col.