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Gams in ihrer Bergheimat

Gams in ihrer Bergheimat, by Franz Graf Zedwitz. 8 vo., 73 pages, with 94 illustrations from photographs. Berlin-Lichterfeld: Hugo Bermiihler Verlag, 1939.

One of the most expert German photographers and game observers has made a book of the chamois, which beyond all doubt presents the living action of this animal more vividly than it has ever been done before, tracing its life cycle through the seasons of a year. The names of the Bavarian mountains and preserves have been disguised, in order that they may remain undisturbed by tourists, but it is safe to say that the localities are largely along the old frontier E, and W. of the Achensee. The pictures, many taken in winter, are gorgeous, and in numerous instances are arranged to show the sequences of movement. In addition to individual portraits, there are studies of herds on the mountain slopes, with as many as a dozen animals in sight. The shots of racing, plunging bucks, fighting in the rutting season, are unforgettable.

J. M. T.