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The Tetons: Interpretations of a Mountain Landscape

The Tetons: Interpretations of a Mountain Landscape, by Fritiof Fryxell. Berkeley, Calif. : University of California Press, 1938. $1.50.

Once more we have a book on the Tetons by one of the best informed students of the geology and climbing history of the range. Mr. Fryxell now does for the geology of these mountains what he did for their climbing history in The Teton Peaks and Their Ascents.

This is a most readable volume dealing with the geological history of the range and showing the causes of the various physiographic features which evoke so much comment from visitors. The reader, whether a student of geology, a mountaineer, or merely a casual tourist, will be most agreeably surprised and pleased by the easy treatment of the subject which refrains from pedantic style, at the same time restraining any tendency toward either emotionalism or over-simplification in explanation. The writing is straightforward and clear, understandable by the student and layman alike. Although this is primarily a treatment of the geological history of the range, it is no mere chronicle of events in the order of their happening, but presents a nice balance of cause and effect, each episode being linked with some present-day feature.

Well written, the book provides pleasant reading, while the pleasing efifect is further enhanced by the fine typography and wide margins. The illustrations are, as usual, excellent, and strengthens the attraction of all lovers of the mountains for the b00k

K. A. H.