Tierra del Fuego

South America, Chile, Patagonian Andes
Climb Year: N/A. Publication Year: 1938.

Two climbers, Stefan Zuck and Hans Teufel, during the summer of 1937, January through March, made a number of new ascents in the southern Andes of Chile. The E. peak of the Payne Group, Monte Admirante Nieto, 2460 m., and three other peaks of over 1500 m. were ascended in this district. In the Darwin Group, they climbed Monte Louise, Monte Serka, and Monte Miguel, as well as exploring the Yendegaia Glacier and a hitherto unknown valley and mountain massif which they named the Alessandri Valley and Monte Alemannia. Monte General Ponce as well as Monte Italia on the Beagle Canal were also climbed.

The well-known Andean explorer, F. Reichert, was busy in the region of Monte Maca while at the same time A. de Agostini was again in the vicinity of the Patagonian icecap, exploring the section W. of San Martin, Viedma, and Agentino Lakes from December, 1936, through March, 1937.