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Asia, Russia, Caucasus, English Expedition

English Expedition. Four English climbers, R. L. Beaumont, R. A. Hodgkin, M. S. Taylor, and J. R. Jenkins, made a number of notable ascents in the week of July 20th-27th. They negotiated the first ascent of Jailik-Bashi, 14,868 ft., by the S. face, the first traverse of the Adyrsu-bashi, 14,673 ft., by the N. E. ridge from Urubashi Pass to the Adyr Valley, and two unclimbed peaks on the ridge between Kichkidar and Junonkara, which they named Trident and Kupolatau. They then crossed the Betsho Pass and traversed Gulba, after which they climbed Ushba by a new route up the S. ridge. In the upper part this is very similar to that tried a few years ago by Coolidge and Lambert.1 They also did a very fine climb on the N. face of Tetnuld, 15,918 ft., descending by the E. face.

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