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Supplemental Notes on Early American Ascents

Mont Blanc. Through the kindness of M. Paul Payot, of Chamonix, the editor has received a copy of his father’s (Venance Payot) Oscillations des Quatre Grands Glaciers de la Vallée de Chamonix (Geneva, 1879), containing a list of ascents made up to the autumn of that year. It is possible to give the following corrections and additions to the list already published in A. A. J. i, 362 ff., the numbers corresponding :

7. V. P. confirms the fact that Thomas Houldsworth, who accompanied Henry Fairbanks on August 5, 1856, was an Englishman.

28. Sebright, John. V. P. gives date of ascent as September 24, 1856.

51. Edward, J. V. P. states that he was a capitaine and made the ascent with Chase.

54. M. H. V. P. gives the name as Ornot, M.-H., who appears to have accompanied A. Adams Reilly on this date.

Rane, John-T. V. P. gives the name as Kane, John-J.

Graham-Gardiner-S. V. P. gives the name as Gardiner, J.-Graham.

Davenport, W. V. P. gives the name as Davenport, H.-W.

66a. V. P. lists John Hadley as an American.

70. Reuce, général. V. P. gives the name as Reme, le général.

Freuk-Learned. V. P. gives the name as Learned, Frank.

Clarence, Rev. Burel. V. P. gives the name as Buel, Clarence, le Rev.

In addition, Venance Payot includes the following American ascents :

September 21, 1875—Hargous, Robert L. and Ely, Joseph A.

July 15, 1876—Lawrence, Robert.

August 11, 1876—Teschemacher, A.-Moxen.

August 9, 1877—Kendoll, Franch.-J. and Hosward, Charles-P.

July 17, 1878—Carteret, James-J. de.

July 18, 1878—Richards.

August 2, 1878—Schevenson, Job.-E.

August 31, 1878—Nickerson, Edward.

September 2, 1878—Brown, Georges-S. and Fergusson, J.-Henry.

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