Mountaineering Dogs

Publication Year: 1937.

Mountaineering Dogs. To those already mentioned (A. A. J., ii, 553), one may add the following: H. M. Atkins, who ascended Mont Blanc in 1837, sketched the group of travellers, “not omitting a little dog belonging to Michel Balmat, which accompanied us the whole way, and was the first dog that ever reached the top of Mont Blanc.” Ascent of Mont Blanc (1838), 15, and illustrations.

During the summer of 1869, “of the accident by which Mr. Chester perished on the Lyskamm we need only say that it was caused by a slip on a comparatively easy slope, which was, it seems, originally due to Mr. Chester’s having attempted to save a dog which was with him at the time, and had slipped on the snow.” A. J., 4, 375.

In the summer of 1902, A. O. Wheeler’s dog, “Fritz,” was killed by a fall of 700 ft. on the N. side of Geikie Glacier. In two seasons in the Selkirks he had climbed many peaks, among them Swiss Peak, Rogers, Avalanche, Grizzly and Abbott. Selkirk Range, 345.