North America, United States, Wyoming, Wind River Range

Publication Year: 1937.

Wind River Range. A number of interesting climbs were made in this region by a group from the Appalachian Mountain Club, as well as an ascent of Gannett Peak by our member, Orrin H. Bonney, with two local boys. A group of ten from the Appalachian Mountain Club Camp at Island Lake reached the summit of Gannett Peak in a one-day trip from a camp in the Titcomb Lake gorge. This was the largest party yet to reach the highest mountain in Wyoming. Both of these parties were the first to attack the mountain from the S. which entails considerable extra climbing on the approaches. Gannett Peak was also climbed from the W. by John W. Murray and E. Allen Drew, who also reported a climb to the W. summit of Twin Peak. Several ascents of Fremont Peak and Glacier Crest were made from the A. M. C. camp and small parties reached the summits of F3, F4, or Table- top, and Mt. Lester. In addition a group of eight made the first ascent of G15 on the W. side of the Titcomb Lake gorge.