August Severin Eggers, 1862-1936

Publication Year: 1937.



Dr. August Eggers died of pernicious anemia on October 7th, 1936, at the age of seventy-three. Norwegian by birth, he received his M.D. from the Kongelige Frederiks Universitet Medisinske Fakultet, in Oslo, in 1889. For many years (from 1890) he was engaged in general practice at Grand Forks, N. D., where many of his countrymen had found homes. He was a member of and past president of the North Dakota State Medical Association, and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (A. M. A. Journal, Vol. 107, 2067).

He seems never to have climbed in Europe, but first visited the Selkirks in 1901, making the third ascent of Mt. Dawson and the first ascent of Grizzly. He was in the Rockies with Herschel Parker in 1903, accomplishing the first ascents of Deltaform and Biddle, as well as a solo ascent of Mt. Sarbach. His ascent of Mt. Odaray in 1904 was probably the first by a tourist. Dr. Eggers revisited the Canadian mountains intermittently, and climbed Uto as recently as 1921.

He was a member of the Alpine Club of Canada as well as of the American Alpine Club, which he joined in 1903 as one of its first Life Members. Those who remember him in the heyday of Glacier House recall a charming gentleman of the old school, whose innate gallantry invariably won in the struggle against his stubborn reluctance to attend tea-parties.

J. M. T.