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Asia, Caucausus, Polish Caucausus Expedition

Polish Caucausus Expedition. This party composed of Prof. Marjan Sokolowsky, Jacob Bujak, Stefan and Tadeus Bernadzikiewicz, Roman Wojsznis, Boleslaw Chwascinsky, Victor Ostrowski and Tadeusz Wisniewski effected a number of climbs, amongthem the first ascent of Sauz-Kaya, a new route on Burdjula by the east ridge, second ascent of Sandur Khokh ; ascent of Bashcha-auz-Bashi ; Dykhtau ; Skkara ; and Semenovski Peak.

A French expedition in the Caucausus was unsuccessful in accomplishing any big climbs in the central chain owing to the extremely bad weather of the first three weeks of July. Two members, P. Dalmais and R. Gaché, who stayed longer than the rest, succecded in ascending Kasbek on August 2nd.