North America, United States, Alaska, Glacier Expedition 1935

Publication Year: 1936.

Alaskan Glacier Expedition 1935

Many of the glaciers of the Alaskan coast were visited during the summer of 1935 by an expedition in charge of Prof. Wm. S. Cooper of the University of Minnesota and the writer, with Russell Dow and Robert Stix of Dartmouth College as assistants. Detailed observations were made in Glacier Bay, Prince William Sound, and Tracy and Endicott Arms of Holkham Bay, as well as a cursory examination of some of the glaciers of the lower Copper River and those situated along the route of the Alaska Railroad on the Kenai Peninsula. It is still too soon to record the results obtained so that only the general nature of the work accomplished will be mentioned together with a few notes to indicate such changes as have occurred recently in the various ice fronts.