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Voyage de Saussure hors des Alpes

Voyage de Saussure hors des Alpes, by Charles Gos. 8 vo. ; pp. 144, with nine illustrations from contemporary prints and portraits. Neuchatel and Paris: Attinger, 1935. Price Fr. 3.75.

Turning his back on the glaciers of Chamonix, and upon the Alps, a man, with barometer in hand and geological hammer in his pocket, is descending pensively toward the Italian plain : it is H.-B. de Saussure, the famous scientist of Geneva, the man of Mont Blanc. But this time Saussure is not equipped for the mountains. Marc-Auguste Pictet accompanies him, and the two friends are on their way toward Mediterranean horizons.

Attracted by this picturesque account, Charles Gos has chosen to follow the gentleman-mountaineer through his wanderings on this flatland. He does so with much humor, relating the many adventures which befell the author of Voyages dans les Alpes in Italy, on the Riviera and in Provence—from Geneva to Geneva, on foot, on horseback and by coach—thinking always, as one would expect, of nothing else than his beloved white mountain.

J. M. T.