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60 Centuries of Skiing

60 Centuries of Skiing, by Charles M. Dudley. 202 pages, with numerous illustrations. Brattleboro, Vermont: Stephen Daye Press, 1935. Price $3.00.

This volume, which is charmingly and profusely illustrated, is by no means a text book, but as one will imagine from the title, a compendium of the history and a discussion of the present state of the art of ski running. It is indeed a surprise to learn how ancient is this means of conveyance across snow-covered lands, and equally surprising to discover how widespread today are the ramifications of the sport, which would appear to be almost as universal as tennis. Perhaps the most useful part of the book to expert and novice alike is that describing the various districts, both at home and abroad, from the ski running standpoint. In this connection it is perhaps proper to remark that the Visp-Zermatt Railway was electrified some four or five years ago, and is now operated throughout the winter, so that the latter town may be readily attained at any time during the season (p. 171).

The enthusiast will find interesting the full description of the various “schools” of skiing, and there is an authoritative discussion of the differing techniques and the influence of the local terrain upon their development and past history. The book closes with a table of racing results and jumping records, and a useful and compendious bibliography.