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Pour Miss Cynthia

Pour Miss Cynthia, by Charles Gos. 8 vo., pp. 186. Neuchatel : Attinger, 1934. Price Fr. 3.50.

A negligible storiette with a climax that would tax the credulity of even a non-climber. Far better reading is an article comprising the last third of the volume, which concerns the filming of a ‘movie’ on various parts of the Matterhorn. Mountain climbers who do not know the Alps, and whose ascents have been confined to the Californian climate of the Sierras, cannot in the least imagine the difficulties, discomforts and dangers, not to say disappointments, of bad weather conditions which may last a whole season, in the Alps. There, under such circumstances, every ascent is verily a march stolen on the mountain. If the Himalayas have their guardian deities, the Alps have also their avenging demons. M. Gos knows his mountains. A more fitting description in more graphic language we have not found anywhere.

G. I. F.-G.