Rodney L. Glisan, 1869-1934

Publication Year: 1935.



To old friends of Rodney L. Glisan, the news of his death brought inexpressible sadness. No longer a youth, his presence always suggested youth and optimism. On the trail or at the campfire he was always the cheery, tireless buoyant companion, the helpful friend, the resourceful leader, the one to whose own load would usually be found quietly added that of a weaker member of the party.

Rodney was a recognized leader for a generation among our West Coast Mountaineers and outdoor men. His career was interesting. In addition to his exploits among our own mountains, he was a world traveler, and was “supercargo” on the famous Geographic-Alaskan Expedition of some years ago to “The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.” Especially dear to my personal memory are several intimate trips with him and a few other old outdoor friends, on which trail and campfire were enlivened by his delightful personality and camaraderie.

He was of one of Portland, Oregon’s first families and of old Essex County, Massachusetts, stock ; a leading lawyer and citizen of Portland ; but to us, his friends, above all the charming, thoughtful, self-sacrificing companion and gentleman, the delightful raconteur, the gentle knight, “the elements so mixed in him that Nature might stand up and say to all the world, ‘This was a Man.’ ”

E. W. H.