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Studies Made During 1933, Glaciers of Mount Shasta

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  • Publication Year: 1934

Glaciers of Mount Shasta. Several of the glaciers of Mount Shasta were visited and described, and their present condition compared with earlier observations.

Fifty years ago the snout of Wintun Glacier is said to have reached the 8,000-ft. level, but since then it has retreated to a point above 10,000 ft.—a horizontal distance of several miles.

Glaciers of Yoseniite National Park. Since 1931, C. A. Harwell. Yosemite Park naturalist, has made yearly observations and measurements of the glaciers of Mts. Lyell, Maclure, Dana, and Conness. The reports of this systematic study are of great value and set a high standard for others to follow.

A warm and prolonged melting period in 1933 greatly reduced all the glaciers of this district. Observations made in 1932 and 1933 at the various measuring stations show that during that year the termini retreated as follows: Lyell Glacier (east lobe), 18 ft., (west lobe), 7 ft. and 8 ft.; Maclure Glacier, 22 ft.; Dana Glacier, 67 ft. and 30 ft.; and Conness Glacier (east lobe), about 177 ft. The east lobe of Conness Glacier is reported to be very thin and so much reduced since 1932 that “a few light winters or heavy melting summers may cause this lobe to disappear entirely.”

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