South America, Argentina/Chile, Andes, Lanin

Publication Year: 1934.

Lanin (12,390 ft., Lat. 39° 40’ S., Long. 71° 30’ W., on Argentine-Chilean boundary). The first ascent of this peak was effected on February 9th, 1933, by A. T. Howat and E. de la Motte. From a base camp at 3,600 ft. near the Tromen police station they placed a bivouac at treeline ca. 5,000 ft. on the northeast side. Starting from here at 2.00 a.m. the morning of the 9th they climbed directly to the top which was reached at 2.45 p m After an hour on the summit they descended, reaching their high camp at 7.10 and continued on down, but were forced on account of darkness and the dense woods to spend a second night out.