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Southwestern Colorado Climbing Notes - 1933

Southwestern Colorado was again the center of considerable climbing activity as well as the location of the first work of the San Juan Mountaineers Geological Survey. The Sneffels section was that covered by the survey (yet incomplete). An interesting part of the surveying was during the triangulation work from Sneffels’ summit. A camp was established upon the summit of the peak (14,168 ft.) and equipped with food for two days. Before all work was completed a storm broke. Rather than break camp and again have the work of returning to the summit with the heavy instruments, the party (T. M. Griffiths, L. V. Giesecke and the writer) decided to attempt to outlast the weather. Towards the close of the fourth day a retreat was forced; food had given out the day before. On the descent, in thick fog, two of the party were slightly hurt by a fall.

The first high altitude club hut in Colorado was constructed in Blaine Basin (north of Sneffels) by members of the San Juan Mountaineers. It will accommodate four persons, being equipped with a small stove, complete cooking outfit and dishes. Next season bunks and tables will be built and a floor put in. The structure is small but well built of lumber and sheet iron.