His Majesty Albert I - King of the Belgians, 1875-1934

Publication Year: 1934.



Few men in high places have left so great a mark in the world through uprightness of character, zeal for country’s welfare, and bravery in the face of great odds as did His Majesty Albert I, King of the Belgians.

His life has been the inspiration of millions, and doubtless much of his own inspiration was drawn from the mountains.

His mountaineering accomplishments included major ascents in nearly all the main Alpine districts, embracing Chamonix, Zermatt, Bernese Oberland and Bernina. In the Eastern Alps, his brilliant ability on rock enabled him to surmount the difficulties of many notable routes in the Dolomites and Kaisergebirge.

His objection to publicity was well known, and at the outbreak of the World War he destroyed the notes and records of his climbs, declaring that, in view of the work at hand, the past should be forgotten. But those who met him on the peaks cherish the memory of his amiability, simplicity and cordiality.

The American Alpine Club will ever recall with pride having had such a royal mountaineer as Honorary Member.

H. B. deV. S.