South America, Peru, Andes

Publication Year: 1933.

Andes: The German expedition to the Cordillera Blanca of Peru has resulted in, beside the scientific and mapping work accomplished, the first ascent of the south (highest) peak of Huascaran (22,182 ft.), on July 20, 1932, by Dr. Bernard, Phillip Borchers, Erwin Hein, Hermann Hörlin, and Erwin Schneider. Shopi Kalki (ca. 21,500 ft.) was ascended August 3rd. and later Hein and Schneider accomplished the ascent of Artison Raju (ca. 20,300 ft.) on August 19th, and of Huandoy (ca. 21,000 ft.). On the return journey to Germany, which was made by way of Chile and Argentina, Herren Borchers and Schneider with Albrecht Maass of Santiago de Chile climbed Aconcagua (23,080 ft.), the highest elevation in the Western Hemisphere, reaching the summit on November 4th. Herr Maass with a party of four from Santiago had earlier in the year. March 23rd, accomplished the first ascent of Cerro Cortaderas (ca. 17,000 ft.).