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North America, United States, Colorado, Mt. Sneffels Region, Teakettle Mountain

T. M. Griffiths and the writer, with Gordon Williams leading, made the second ascent of Teakettle Mountain (13,725 ft.) a beautiful peak east of Cirque Mt. It was not particularly difficult, except for the last 600 feet. The peak has an excellent summit, and it is very solid in comparison to the rest of the mountain. The first ascent to the top of the final pinnacle was made in August, 1929 by Alonzo Hartman and Charles Rolfe. This pair found a jar containing several names at the base of the pinnacle, but no indication was given that the actual summit was gained, nor was there a cairn on top. Neither Hartman nor Rolfe left a cairn, using the jar to leave their record in. This was not found by the climbers in 1932. which caused this party to believe they had made the first ascent. It was not until several months later that this erroneous belief was corrected by Rolfe with picture proofs.