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Gesellschaft Alpiner Bucherfreunde

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  • Publication Year: 1932

Gesellschaft Alpiner Bücherfreunde. This organization, with headquarters in Munich, Theresienstrasse 78, was organized in 1928 for the purpose of producing German versions of rare and modern Alpine books for its members. The annual dues are RM. 10, plus RM. 1.60 for postage and shipping, this being the total amount that one pays in a given year for the books issued. With such men as Willi R. Rickmers and Walter Schmidkunz on the directing staff, this society is worthy of every encouragement and deserves the attention of all American climbers.

The following books have been issued to date :

Saussure’s älteste Schrift überseine Montblanc-Besteigung. A facsimile of his Relation d’un voyage à la cime du Montblanc, together with the first German translation: Kurzer Bericht über die Reise auf die Spitze des Montblanc.

Max Rohrer: Berglieder der Völker. A volume of 300 pages, containing an extraordinary collection of poems and songs relating to mountains, from Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Malayan, Greek, Roman and other sources.

Pater Corbinian Steinberger: Leben und Schriften. The story of a remarkable solo climber, the legendary first conqueror of the Königspitze.

Eugène Rambert: Das Murmeltier mit dem Halsband. The diary of a philosopher, translated from the French. The humorous and delightfully illustrated romance of the marmot.

Willi Rickmer Rickmers: Querschnitt durch mich. A cross- sectional autobiography of a man who has had amazing experiences and who writes of them in fascinating style.

Josias Simler: Die Alpen. The first German translation of the De Alpibus commentarius, illustrated and annotated in scholarly manner.

Walter Schmidkunz: Der Berg des Herzens. The battle with the “Monte Cuore,” a romantic and thrilling story.

Otto Knorr: Der Grossvenediger in der Geschichte des Alpinismus. A noteworthy history of this white peak of the Tauern groups, from which one cannot see Venice.

Henry Hoek: Der denkende Wanderer. A book of charming recollections by a pioneer in the art of Alpine skiing.

The two books last mentioned have appeared in 1932. Projected for this year, in addition, are :

Karl Schuster: Weisse Berge, schwarze Zelte. Original adventures of a young guide and artist of Berchtesgaden.

Hermann Bühler: Alpine Bibliographie. The first volume of a complete international title list.

For the future, the following titles have been selected :

Charles Gos: Die Nacht an der Dru.

Des Bergführers Hans Kehrer Aufzeichnungen.

Der Bergsteiger Hans Pfann.

Leslie Stephen: Der Tummelplatz Europas.

Domenico Rudatis: Der Alpine Sport.

Carl Egger und Rudolf Singer: Die Eroberung des Kaukasus.

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