Asia, Russia, Georgia, Caucasus

Publication Year: 1932.

Caucasus: The projects of two Swiss climbers, Messrs. Mägglin and Heglin, came to an abrupt end with their disappearance on July 26th, 1931, together with two Russians, while they were attempting the first ascent of the Misses Tau. Their sleeping- bags were found several weeks later by a group of Vienese (Karl Poppinger, Karl Frank, Karl Moldan and Sepp Schintelmeister) who effected the first ascent of this peak on August 7th. The latter party made several ascents in indifferent weather, during which a large number of bivouacs were necessary. Mt. Lyaler was climbed by the northeast ridge and an ascent made of Gestola with a traverse to Tetnuld during which a bivouac was utilized ; the descent was made on the west side. Katuin Tau was ascended in two days of bad weather, as well as the Adish Tau in a continued high wind. The trip was finished off by making the ascent of the Bezingi face of Shkara, and traversing that mountain, continuing the traverse over Janga, Katuin Tau, Gestola and Lyaler, a seven days’ trip, six nights being spent in ice caves !