North America, United States, Wyoming, Tetons, Mt. Moran

Publication Year: 1932.

Mt. Moran (12,100). Five ascents in 1931, of which the following call for mention :

First ascent from the southeast (by the “dike route”) on June 23rd by Hans Wittich and Otto Stegemaier. Descent by the same route.

Register placed on summit on July 17th by Theodore and Gustav Koven and Paul Petzoldt (route: the northeast ridge).

Traverse of the peak on July 24 by Robert L. M. Underhill and Paul Petzoldt, involving first ascent of the east face and descent by the “dike route.”

On August 24th George E. Goldthwaite, Paul Petzoldt, Lee Doud, and Earl Bowman made a swift traverse of the peak, ascending it by the northeast ridge and descending by the east face (first descent by latter route).