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North America, United States, Wyoming, Tetons, Mt. Owen

Mt. Owen (12,910). Climbed by four parties, none of which followed throughout its entire length the route employed on the two previous ascents of this peak (1930) though all utilized the last portion of it (the west fissure) in scaling the Granite Knob.4

On July 20th Theodore and Gustav Koven, Paul Petzoldt, and Glenn Exum reached the base of the Knob by traversing the southeast face of the peak by the upper bench (new route). Descent was by the same route.

Petzoldt made his second solo climb of this peak on August 7th, reaching the Knob from the northeast by way of Cascade Canyon (new route). Descent was by the route of July 20th.

On August 16th Dallas E. Conniff and A. William Fricke repeated the route of July 20th, both on the ascent and descent.

Ranger Frank Smith and the writer traversed the peak on August 18th, reaching the base of the Knob by climbing the southwest arĂȘte from the edge of Gunsight Notch (new route), and descending by the route of July 20th. A register was placed on the summit.

4 See account of first ascent of Mount Owen, American Alpine Journal for 1931, page 324.