The Teton Peaks and Their Ascents

Publication Year: 1932.

The Teton Peaks and Their Ascents, by Fritiof M. Fryxell, Grand Teton National Park, Wyo. The Crandall Studios, 1932 ; printed for the author by the Augustana Book Concern, Rock Island, I11. $2.00.

This short account of the history of the climbing of the principal peaks in the Teton Range is what the western climber has long sought for in vain. It is, as the author states in a foreword, essentially the same material as appeared in a series of articles from the same pen in Appalachia (June and December, 1931, and June, 1932), but revised and consolidated to give a concise text for easy reference.

All the well-known references to these mountains are cited. Many obscure ones, as well as unpublished material, are quoted or paraphrased for the reader’s benefit. No longer is it necessary to spend many arduous hours of patient research to ascertain which peaks have been climbed and when. The routes of ascent are given, as are the names of the parties and the dates, so the book may be accepted as one of the first climbing guides to the mountains of the western United States. But it is really more a monograph on the climbing history and as such will delight the heart of every mountaineer who has ever seen the peaks and pinnacles of the Tetons rising sheer above the level floor of Jackson Hole.

The book itself is well gotten up, well printed, on good paper with wide margins and many illustrations of invariable excellence, and is well worth the modest price asked, being a much-to-be- desired addition to any mountaineer’s library. Copies may be obtained from the Crandall Studios, Jenny Lake, Wyo., or from the author.

K. A. H.