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Colorado Mountain Club

At the Colorado Mountain Club annual camp, which was this year placed on the western side of the Wind River mountains in Wyoming, a number of new ascents were made. Peak No. 6 (Cf. A.A.J., Vol. I, No. 2, map op. p. 130) was climbed on August 5th by Messrs. Henry Buchtel, Dudley Smith and Jack Seerley by a large snow couloir from the southwest, only to find that a previous party composed of Dr. C. T. Jones and B. A. Bessie, of Lander, Wyo., and Edgar A. Dowl, of Columbus, Ohio, had attained the summit on Sept. 2, 1924, and christened the mountain Woodrow Wilson. The first ascent had been made from the Din- woody glacier, which route was followed by this party on the descent.

A fine looking double summit at the head of the Titcomb Lake valley was climbed by Henry Buchtel and Dudley Smith, who called it Twin Peaks. The glacier was ascended to the saddle between the peaks and then each summit climbed in turn.

A high peak 12,200 ft. to the west of the Titcomb Lakes and next south from Winnifred peak was traversed on Aug. 4th by Henry Buchtel, Jack Seerley and Dudley Smith. The ascent was made up the south ridge, the descent by the north ridge toward Winnifred peak.