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Glacial Features of Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Glacial Features of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, by Fritiof M. Fryxell. Rock Island, III. 1930. Augustana Library Publications, No. 13. $1.50.

This monograph deals with the glaciers which covered the famous Jackson Hole in ancient times. It describes the successive periods of glaciation and their effect upon the topography of the Hole. Three fairly definite glacial stages are recognized : the Buffalo, the Bull Lake and the Pinedale— names first adopted by Black-welder in his comprehensive report on this area. The former extension of the glaciers and their influence upon the productiveness of the territory are shown quite clearly. Their erosion of the mountains of the Teton range is treated only incidentally. The explanation of some of the puzzling surface features the buttes, potholes, etc., will probably most appeal to the traveler and the climber, but we can recommend the book as a definite contribution to the literature on this fascinating corner of the Rockies.

K. A. H.